April 2017 in Beauregard

April 2017 ended yesterday. As the proverb says” In April don’t remove a thread ” and it’s damn right. I don’t like to start this newsletter by a bad new, but this month of April 2017 is really a bad new….

The frosts of April : 20, 21 et … 29th of April

The frost severely hit us three times in April 20th and 21st of April then the 29th. Our farming season starts then with a deep wound which will mark this 2017 vintage … and even far beyond. I never had experienced the frost, and that’s challenging. I spent several hours closely looking the thermometer in the end of a bright and cold night, and I saw by three times the temperature falling below 0° fateful for our vineyard.
Several grapevines were frozen at 100% especially our young vine completely “grilled” and our best estimate is a loss of 20% of our production. Anyway, the engine is still running in Beauregard and we even accelerate the rythm after the 21st to forget about it. But the heart wasn’t there anymore, not as usual, that’s why we didn’t publish anything on our blog since then.

During these ten last days of April, the spring frosts damaged more or less the complete wine-growing of France. They also hit the vineyards in Spain and Italy and possibly somewhere else. We have an affectionate thought for the winegrowers and arboriculturists who lost all or part of their harvest. We are also thankful for the support we got through your messages.

We finally see how lucky we are: we still have some grapes and our motivation remains.

The climatology in April in Beauregard

The average temperatures shown during this month were higher of +0,5°C compared to the average of these last five years. The frosts and some cold days at the end of the month didn’t prevent from a hot April. As for the rainfalls, after a fall and winter especially wet, we only noticed a single day of rain in April with a ridiculous amount of 6mm rainfall.

The pictures of the day for April

All our pictures of the day are posted on our blog there.

Where were we in April?

We were mainly at the winery, but you may have seen Karine, Jessica or Stéphane during some winegrowers events presented on the below map. Karine also met some professional customers in Savoie and Haute Savoie in France.

And apart from that, what are the news?

  • The roof of our wine storehouse is not complete yet, we encounter several problems on this work site but it should end during May.
  • We kept the plots the most subject to the frost for a late pruning. The last cuts were done the 14th of April.
  • As for the mechanical work, the vine shoot were crushed, the grass kept low by crushing and the work around the wine stocks realised for almost all the vineyard. We will start the soil work when the frost risk will be gone
  • As for the handmade work,we have attached the sticks and the buds on the forming Royat were removed. We also started to lay down the strings for the highest vines.
  • In the battle against some insects called “les tordeuses de la grappes”, we use some pheromone diffuser in every plots for the sexual confusion (a way to prevent the use of insecticids).
  • Finally in our wine storehouse, we bottled two vintages this month : Red RouZe 2016 living wine (Vin de France) and White Lauzina 2016 (AOP Corbières). The Rouze will be available soon on our e-shop, as for the white Lauzina, it will nicely aged in its bottle.

The month of May starts today and the story keeps on writing… See you !


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