March 2017 in Beauregard

The March climatology in Beauregard

The month of March has just fade away and it gives a feeling of an unachieved winter where spring just knocked on the door without warning. The average temperatures checked during this month are 1,8°C higher compared to the average of the last five years (+0,7°C for the three first months). Concerning the rainfall, we carried on filling the tank during march : the annual level is already 225mm, then +85mm compared to the average of these last five years.

The pictures of the day from March

Each of our pictures of the day are on our blog and can be watched here

Where were we in March 2017?

We were mainly in the winery, but you may have met Karine, Nicolas or Stéphane during our winemaker events which are presented on the below map. Karine also went for 2 trips in Belgium and Germany to meet our professional partners.

And then, what are the news?

  • The current main activity is the the renewal of the roof of our cellar. The work has started mid jan and should be completed end of april
  • Still a few days to go to end the pruning, we kept a few plots that could be sensitive to the freeze. The risk of some freezing spring days is high for our grapevines as this year, vegetation is well in advance.
  • The huge winter rainfall didn’t allow us to seed our 1,5ha of  Viognier, but the plot is ready and we just need to wait that it perfectly dries before seeding.
  • A special effort was driven this winter, especially in March to preserve our ditches. More than 2 km were refurbished. This work was made by pruning the trees, and clearing the plants which could prevent the water by running freely and finally, when needed we used a shovel crawler to dig the ditches.

The month of April is starting today and the story keeps on writing, see you then!



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