Impassioned winegrowers

We have organically farmed the 25 hectares of our family’s vines since 2010, but we have always been Passionate winegrowers. Much of the work that we do in the vineyard is essentially aimed at boosting the life in the soil.


Karine and Nciolas Mirouze : winegrowers in the cellar
Karine en plein soutirage
Nicolas en plein décuvage pendant les vinifications
In 1999, we took over the reins of our family estate, with the aim of making exceptional wines  rooted in the tradition of Château Beauregard Mirouze. With this in mind, we decided to adapt our production levels in line with our objectives, and thus the vineyard was reduced from 50 hectares to the 25 that are farmed today.

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Chantal aux commandes du tracteur en train d'épandre du compost
Nicolas en plein soutirage pendant les vendanges
Attention : chien gentil. Voici Bellule, chienne de garde !